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Our community is
our best asset

We are building a welcoming and diverse global community of R software users, developers, and research software engineers who want to make their research more open and reproducible. We aim to build capacity of novices, experts, and those in between. Participants come from across academia, government, industry, and non-profits. We welcome participation that adheres to our code of conduct There are many ways to get involved.

Community Calls

Our quarterly community calls are open to everyone. They're an opportunity to connect with rOpenSci community members around the world. Join us for lively discussions with experts on both technical and social topics, like development, review, security and maintenance of R packages, applications of our packages in open science, or developing a code of conduct. Every Community Call becomes a rich resource with video and collaborative notes.

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Ask and answer questions about our packages or resources.


Upcoming events including Community Calls and meetings at which our team members are speaking.

R-Ladies East Lansing Meetup

Thursday, 22 October 2020 12:30 PDT • online 🌐

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We welcome both code and non-code contributions. Read our Contributing Guide to learn how.

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