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Title Year Authors Journal Package
Spatial Gaps in Global Biodiversity Information and the Role of Citizen Science 2016 Amano et al. BioScience rgbif
A botanical inventory of forest on karstic limestone and metamorphic substrate in the Chiquibul Forest, Belize, with focus on woody taxa 2015 Baden et al. Edinburgh Journal of Botany taxize
Biodiversity ensures plant-pollinator phenological synchrony against climate change 2013 Bartomeus et al. Ecol Lett rgbif
Discovering and developing primary biodiversity data from social networking sites: A novel approach 2014 Barve Ecological Informatics rgbif
Retrieving taxa names from large biodiversity data collections using a flexible matching workflow 2015 Vanden Berghe et al. Ecological Informatics taxize
TR8: an R package for easily retrieving plant species traits 2015 Bocci Methods in Ecology and Evolution taxize
A macro-ecological perspective on crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) photosynthesis evolution in Afro-Madagascan drylands: Eulophiinae orchids as a case study 2015 Bone et al. New Phytol rgbif
Near real time weather and ocean model data access with rNOMADS 2015 Bowman & Lees Computers & Geosciences rnoaa
Beyond species-specific assessments: an analysis and validation of environmental distance metrics for non-indigenous species risk assessment 2015 Bradie et al. Biological Invasions taxize
A preliminary inventory of the catfishes of the lower Rio Nhamundá, Brazil (Ostariophysi, Siluriformes 2015 Collins et al. Biodiversity Data Journal rgbif
Co-extinction in a host-parasite network: identifying key hosts for network stability 2015 Dallas & Cornelius Scientific Reports helminthR
The changing patterns of plant naturalization in Australia 2015 Dodd et al. Diversity Distrib taxize
R for all (I): Introduction to the new age of biological analyses 2013 Drozd & Šipoš Casopis Slezskeho Zemskeho Muzea A rgbif, rdryad, rfisheries, RMendeley, treeBASE, rfishbase, taxize, rsnsps, rvertnet, rentrez
Synthesis and comparative analysis of physiological tolerance and life-history growth traits of marine aquaculture species 2016 Froehlich et al. Aquaculture rfishbase
taxize: taxonomic search and retrieval in R 2013 Chamberlain & Szöcs F1000Research taxize
2016 Hartgerink et al. PeerJ rplos
Comparative genomics in the Asteraceae reveals little evidence for parallel evolutionary change in invasive taxa 2015 Hodgins et al. Mol Ecol taxize
SDMdata: A Web-Based Software Tool for Collecting Species Occurrence Records 2015 Kong et al. PLoS ONE rgbif
Data integration in biological research: an overview 2015 Lapatas et al. J of Biol Res-Thessaloniki taxize
A pharyngeal jaw evolutionary innovation facilitated extinction in Lake Victoria cichlids 2015 McGee et al. Science rfishbase
camtrapR: an R package for efficient camera trap data management 2016 Niedballa et al. Methods in Ecology and Evolution taxize
NoSQL Data Model for Semi-automatic Integration of Ethnomedicinal Plant Data from Multiple Sources 2014 Ningthoujam et al. Phytochemical Analysis taxize
Dataset of Passerine bird communities in a Mediterranean high mountain (Sierra Nevada, Spain 2016 Pérez-Luque et al. ZK taxize
The macroevolution of climatic niches and its role in ant diversification 2016 PIE Ecological Entomology AntWeb
Evolutionarily Stable Strategies for Fecundity and Swimming Speed of Fish 2016 Plank et al. Bull Math Biol rfishbase
Best publishing practices to improve user confidence in scientific software 2015 Poisot IEE taxize
Are all species necessary to reveal ecologically important patterns? 2014 Pos et al. Ecology and Evolution taxize
How predation shaped fish: the impact of fin spines on body form evolution across teleosts 2015 Price et al. Proc. R. Soc. B rfishbase
Australian acacias as invasive species: lessons to be learnt from regions with long planting histories 2015 Richardson et al. Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science rgbif
Non-native species modify the isotopic structure of freshwater fish communities across the globe 2015 Sagouis et al. Ecography rfishbase
Adaptive plasticity and niche expansion in an invasive thistle 2015 Turner et al. Ecology and Evolution rgbif
paleobioDB: an R package for downloading, visualizing and processing data from the Paleobiology Database 2014 Varela et al. Ecography paleobioDB
Variation in trait trade-offs allows differentiation among predefined plant functional types: implications for predictive ecology 2015 Verheijen et al. New Phytol rgbif
Some thoughts on best publishing practices for scientific software 2015 White IEE rplos
speciesgeocodeR: An R package for linking species occurrences, user-defined regions and phylogenetic trees for biogeography, ecology and evolution 2015 Zizka & Antonelli Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory rgbif
Pulmonary Artery Denervation Reduces Pulmonary Artery Pressure and Induces Histological Changes in an Acute Porcine Model of Pulmonary Hypertension 2015 Rothman et al. Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions plotly
Long-lasting effects of land use history on soil fungal communities in second-growth tropical rain forests 2016 Bachelot et al. Ecol Appl taxize
Tracking the history of an invasion: the freshwater croakers (Teleostei: Sciaenidae) in South America 2014 Boeger et al. Zool Scr rfishbase
Prestoration: using species in restoration that will persist now and into the future 2016 Butterfield et al. Restoration Ecology rgbif
Niche dynamics of alien species do not differ among sexual and apomictic flowering plants 2015 Dellinger et al. New Phytol rgbif
Late Quaternary vegetation dynamics from central parts of the Madeira River in Brazil 2015 Feitosa et al. Acta Botanica Brasilica rgbif
Climatological correlates of seed size in Amazonian forest trees 2015 Malhado et al. Journal of Vegetation Science rgbif
A trait-based metric sheds new light on the nature of the body size-depth relationship in the deep sea 2016 Mindel et al. J Anim Ecol rfishbase
Evolutionary Origin of the Scombridae (Tunas and Mackerels): Members of a Paleogene Adaptive Radiation with 14 Other Pelagic Fish Families 2013 Miya et al. PLoS ONE rfishbase
Dataset of Phenology of Mediterranean high-mountain meadows flora (Sierra Nevada, Spain 2015 Pérez-Luque et al. PhytoKeys taxize
Synthetic datasets and community tools for the rapid testing of ecological hypotheses 2015 Poisot et al. Ecography taxize
Phylogenetic insights into the history and diversification of fishes on reefs 2015 Price et al. Coral Reefs rfishbase
geoknife: reproducible web-processing of large gridded datasets 2015 Read et al. Ecography ropensci, paleobioDB
Climate seasonality limits leaf carbon assimilation and wood productivity in tropical forests 2016 Wagner et al. Biogeosciences taxize
Evolutionary signals of symbiotic persistence in the legume–rhizobia mutualism 2015 Werner et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA rgbif
Biogeo: an R package for assessing and improving data quality of occurrence record datasets 2016 Robertson et al. Ecography rgbif
Phylogenetic systematics of leaffishes - Teleostei: Polycentridae, Nandidae 2015 Collins et al. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research rfishbase
Global assessment of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus diversity reveals very low endemism 2015 Davison et al. Science rgbif
Pollen assemblage richness does not reflect regional plant species richness: a cautionary tale 2013 Goring et al. Journal of Ecology ritis
Dynamics of Near-Coastal Fish Assemblages following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 2015 Schaefer et al. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society rfishbase
MonoPhy : a simple R package to find and visualize monophyly issues 2016 Schwery & O’Meara PeerJ Computer Science taxize
A quantitative synthesis of the importance of variables used in MaxEnt species distribution models 2016 Bradie & Leung Journal of Biogeography taxize
Taxonomic similarity, more than contact opportunity, explains novel plant-pathogen associations between native and alien taxa 2016 Bufford et al. New Phytol taxize
Semi-Automated Identification of Ontological Labels in the Biomedical Literature with goldi 2016 Cole et al. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory pdftools
Measures of biologically relevant environmental heterogeneity improve prediction of regional plant species richness 2016 Cramer & Verboom Journal of Biogeography taxize
Plant Distribution Data Show Broader Climatic Limits than Expert-Based Climatic Tolerance Estimates 2016 Curtis & Bradley PLOS ONE rgbif
A simple automated system for appetitive conditioning of zebrafish in their home tanks 2017 Doyle et al. Behavioural Brain Research plotly
Climate change will increase the naturalization risk from garden plants in Europe 2016 Dullinger et al. Global Ecol rgbif
MetacodeR: An R package for manipulation and heat tree visualization of community taxonomic data from metabarcoding 2016 Foster et al. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory taxize
Is citizen science an open science in the case of biodiversity observations? 2016 Groom et al. Journal of Applied Ecology rgbif
Using evolutionary tools to search for novel psychoactive plants 2016 Halse-Gramkow et al. Plant Genetic Resources taxize
Climate Warming and Seasonal Precipitation Change Interact to Limit Species Distribution Shifts across Western North America 2016 Harsch & HilleRisLambers PLOS ONE geonames
Temporal course of gene expression during motor memory formation in primary motor cortex of rats 2016 Hertler et al. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory plotly
A study of institutional spending on open access publication fees in Germany 2016 Jahn & Tullney PeerJ rcrossref
Evolutionary dynamics and biogeography of Musaceae reveal a correlation between the diversification of the banana family and the geological and climatic history of Southeast Asia 2016 Janssens et al. New Phytol rgbif
Using the Crossref Metadata API to explore publisher content 2016 Lammey Sci Ed rcrossref, ropensci
Positive biodiversity-productivity relationship predominant in global forests 2016 Liang et al. Science taxize
The Propensity to Cycle Tool: An open source online system for sustainable transport planning 2015 Lovelace et al. arXiv stplanr
Knowledge Dissemination of Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Studies Measured Using Alternative Metrics Results From a Scoping Review 2016 Madden et al. Journal of Interpersonal Violence rAltmetric
Analysis of infection biomarkers within a Bayesian framework reveals their role in pneumococcal pneumonia diagnosis in HIV patients 2016 Meyer Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory plotly
rotl: an R package to interact with the Open Tree of Life data 2016 Michonneau et al. Methods in Ecology and Evolution rotl, traits
Growth rings in tropical trees: role of functional traits, environment, and phylogeny 2016 Nath et al. Trees taxize
Open Source Molecular Modeling 2016 Pirhadi et al. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling webchem
Adaptive evolution of seed oil content in angiosperms: accounting for the global patterns of seed oils 2016 Sanyal & Decocq BMC Evolutionary Biology rgbif
Genome size variation and species diversity in salamander families 2016 Sclavi & Herrick Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory taxize
Ciência Política na era do Big Data: automação na coleta de dados digitais 2015 Silva & Meireles Politica Hoje RSelenium
Waking the undead: implications of a soft explosive model for the timing of placental mammal diversification 2016 Springer et al. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution paleobioDB
CARMA revisited: an updated database of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants worldwide 2012 Ummel Center for Global Development Working Paper geonames
Light enough to travel or wise enough to stay? Brain size evolution and migratory behaviour in birds 2016 Vincze Evolution taxize
A review of software tools for spell-checking taxon names in vegetation databases 2016 Wagner Journal of Vegetation Science taxize
tigris: An R Package to Access and Work with Geographic Data from the US Census Bureau in press Walker The R Journal plotly
Foliar nectar enhances plant–mite mutualisms: the effect of leaf sugar on the control of powdery mildew by domatia-inhabiting mites 2016 Weber et al. Annals of Botany taxize
Achievements and challenges in the integration, reuse and synthesis of vegetation plot data 2016 Wiser Journal of Vegetation Science taxize
BETYdb: a yield, trait, and ecosystem service database applied to second‐generation bioenergy feedstock production 2017 LeBauer et al. GCB Bioenergy traits
RAINBIO: a mega-database of tropical African vascular plants distributions 2016 Gilles et al. PhytoKeys rgbif
Despite phylogenetic effects, C3-C4 lineages bridge the ecological gap to C4 photosynthesis 2016 Lundgren & Christin Journal of Experimental Botany rgbif
Comparing genome versus proteome-based identification of clinical bacterial isolates 2016 Galata et al. Briefings in Bioinformatics taxize
Phenological shifts in hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae): linking measurement and mechanism 2016 Hassall et al. Ecography bold
The Tao of open science for ecology 2015 Hampton et al. Ecosphere rentrez
Integrative Computational and Experimental Approaches to Establish a Post-Myocardial Infarction Knowledge Map 2014 Nguyen et al. PLoS Computational Biology rentrez
Do method and species lifestyle affect measures of maximum metabolic rate in fishes? 2016 Killen et al. Journal of Fish Biology rotl
Species interactions in occurrence data for a community of tick-transmitted pathogens 2016 Estrada-Peña & Fuente Scientific Data rotl
The Quality of Citations: Towards Quantifying Qualitative Impact in Social Science Research 2016 Bauer et al. SSRN fulltext, rcrossref
Environmental Correlation Analysis for Genes Associated with Protection against Malaria 2016 Mackinnon et al. Molecular Biology and Evolution rsnps
Visualizing GeoData with R 2016 Kolb Austrian Journal of Statistics geonames
CARMA Revisited: An Updated Database of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Power Plants Worldwide 2012 Ummel CGD Working Paper geonames
Elevation alters ecosystem properties across temperate treelines globally 2017 Mayor et al. Nature brranching
BIOMASS: An R Package for estimating aboveground biomass and its uncertainty in tropical forests 2017 Réjou-Méchain et al. Methods in Ecology and Evolution taxize
Modelling the effects of environmental conditions on the acoustic occurrence and behaviour of Antarctic blue whales 2017 Shabangu et al. PLOS ONE rerddap
Fish diversity in tidepools: assembling effects of environmental heterogeneity 2017 Bezerra et al. Environmental Biology of Fishes rfishbase
Spatial distribution of environmental DNA in a nearshore marine habitat 2017 O’Donnell et al. PeerJ taxize
Shotgun metagenomic sequencing reveals freshwater beach sands as reservoir of bacterial pathogens 2017 Mohiuddin et al. Water Research taxize
Single locus genotyping to track Leishmania donovani in the Indian subcontinent: Application in Nepal 2017 Rai et al. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases rgbif
Biomonitoring of marine vertebrates in Monterey Bay using eDNA metabarcoding 2017 Andruszkiewicz et al. PLOS ONE taxize
Adaptive sequence evolution is driven by biotic stress in a pair of orchid species (Dactylorhiza) with distinct ecological optima 2017 Balao et al. Molecular Ecology rgbif
red - an R package to facilitate species red list assessments according to the IUCN criteria 2017 Cardoso Biodiversity Data Journal rredlist
Habitat filtering not dispersal limitation shapes oceanic island floras: species assembly of the Galápagos archipelago 2017 Carvajal-Endara et al. Ecology Letters rgbif
Ex situ conservation of plant diversity in the world’s botanic gardens 2017 Mounce et al. Nature Plants rgbif
Challenging a bioinformatic tool’s ability to detect microbial contaminants using in silico whole genome sequencing data 2017 Olson et al. PeerJ taxize
The role of trait combination in the conspicuousness of fruit display among bird-dispersed plants 2017 Ordano et al. Functional Ecology taxize
Aligning marine species range data to better serve science and conservation 2017 O’Hara et al. PLOS ONE worrms
The National Eutrophication Survey: lake characteristics and historical nutrient concentrations 2017 Stachelek et al. Earth System Science Data Discussions magick, tesseract
A global database on freshwater fish species occurrence in drainage basins 2017 Tedesco et al. Scientific Data rfishbase
Genome size in arthropods: different roles of phylogeny, habitat and life history in insects and crustaceans 2017 Alfsnes et al. Ecology and Evolution rgbif, spocc
On the inconsistency of pollinator species traits for predicting either response to land-use change or functional contribution 2017 Bartomeus et al. Oikos taxize
On the inconsistency of pollinator species traits for predicting either response to agricultural intensification or functional contribution 2016 Bartomeus et al. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory taxize
R Python, and Ruby clients for GBIF species occurrence data 2017 Chamberlain & Boettiger PeerJ Preprints rgbif
The Spine of American Law: Digital Text Analysis and US Legal Practice 2017 Funk & Mullen The American Historical Review textreuse
Assessing author self-citation as a mechanism of relevant knowledge diffusion 2017 Gálvez Scientometrics rplos
bomrang: Fetch Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology Data in R 2017 Sparks et al. The Journal of Open Source Software bomrang
Using the 'rentrez' R Package to Identify Repository Records for NCBI LinkOut 1279 Lee et al. Code4lib Journal rentrez, ropensci
A quantitative-PCR based method to estimate ranavirus viral load following normalisation by reference to an ultraconserved vertebrate target 2017 Leung et al. Journal of Virological Methods taxize
A quantitative and statistical biological comparison of three semi-enclosed seas 2017 Ludt et al. Marine Biodiversity rgbif
Taxonomic bias in animal behaviour publications 2017 Rosenthal et al. Animal Behaviour taxize
Content Analysis of Scholarly Discussions of Psychological Academic Articles on Facebook 2017 Na & Ye Online Information Review rAltmetric
Genome-Scale Architecture of Small Molecule Regulatory Networks and the Fundamental Trade-Off between Regulation and Enzymatic Activity 2017 Reznik et al. Cell Reports taxize
Tracking Invasive Alien Species (TrIAS): Building a data-driven framework to inform policy 2017 Vanderhoeven et al. Research Ideas and Outcomes rgbif, spocc
A distribution and taxonomic reference dataset of Geranium in the New World 2017 Aedo & Pando Scientific Data rgbif
Amazon plant diversity revealed by a taxonomically verified species list 2017 Cardoso et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences rgbif
Barriers to globally invasive species are weakening across the Antarctic 2017 Duffy et al. Diversity and Distributions rgbif
Trait shifts associated with the subshrub life-history strategy in a tropical savanna 2017 Giroldo et al. Oecologia brranching
How is R cited in research outputs? Structure, impacts, and citation standard 2017 Li et al. Journal of Informetrics rplos
Environmental correlates of biome-level floristic turnover in South Africa 2017 Power et al. Journal of Biogeography taxize
Quantifying the influence of urban land use on mangrove biology and ecology: A meta-analysis 2017 Branoff Global Ecology and Biogeography taxize
The Future Species of Anthropocene Seas 2017 Dulvy & Kindsvater Conservation for the Anthropocene Ocean rfishbase
Multilocus phylogeny and statistical biogeography clarify the evolutionary history of major lineages of turtles 2017 Pereira et al. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution rgbif
A new species of Telipogon (Oncidiinae: Orchidaceae) from the paramos of Colombia 2017 Pérez-Escobar et al. Phytotaxa spocc
Testing the association of phenotypes with polyploidy: An example using herbaceous and woody eudicots 2017 Zenil-Ferguson et al. Evolution chromer
GSODR: Global Summary Daily Weather Data in R 2017 Sparks et al. The Journal of Open Source Software GSODR
Signatures of the collapse and incipient recovery of an overexploited marine ecosystem 2017 Pedersen et al. Royal Society Open Science rfishbase
Evaluating two freely available geocoding tools for geographical inconsistencies and geocoding errors 2017 Singh Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards helminthR
rentrez: An R package for the NCBI eUtils API (Version 1 2017 Winter PeerJ Preprints rentrez
Distribution and diversity of enzymes for polysaccharide degradation in fungi 2017 Berlemont Scientific Reports taxize
Species are not most abundant in the centre of their geographic range or climatic niche 2017 Dallas et al. Ecology Letters spocc, taxize
Cophylogenetic signal is detectable in pollination interactions across ecological scales 2017 Hutchinson et al. Ecology taxize
Pathogenic helminths in the past: Much ado about nothing 2017 Mulder F1000Research helminthR
Integrating lipid storage into general representations of fish energetics 2017 Martin et al. Journal of Animal Ecology rfishbase
Naturalization of ornamental plant species in public green spaces and private gardens 2017 Mayer et al. Biological Invasions rgbif
Skull shape reflects prey size niche in toothed whales 2017 McCurry et al. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society rfishbase
Geographical variation in the foraging behaviour of the pantropical red-footed booby 2017 Mendez et al. Marine Ecology Progress Series rerddap
Species pool distributions along functional trade-offs shape plant productivity–diversity relationships 2017 Chalmandrier et al. Scientific Reports rgbif, taxize
Repetitive prefix in Agul: Morphological copy from a closely related language 2017 Maisak International Journal of Bilingualism lingtypology
Cophylogenetic assessment of New World warblers (Parulidae) and their symbiotic feather mites (Proctophyllodidae 2017 Matthews et al. Journal of Avian Biology rotl
High dimensional Single Index Bayesian Modeling of the Brain Atrophy over time 2017 Roy et al. arXiv rsnps
2017 Drost et al. Bioinformatics biomartr, taxize
Tree seedling vitality improves with functional diversity in a Mediterranean common garden experiment 2018 Peer et al. Forest Ecology and Management brranching
tidyhydat: Extract and Tidy Canadian Hydrometric Data 2017 Albers The Journal of Open Source Software tidyhydat
Varieties of Melampyrum Lineare (Orobanchaceae) Revisited 2017 Oldham & Weeks Rhodora spocc
PlasFlow: predicting plasmid sequences in metagenomic data using genome signatures 2018 Krawczyk et al. Nucleic Acids Research rentrez
Performance evaluation of mathematical predictive modeling for air quality forecasting 2018 Selvi & Chandrasekaran Cluster Computing ropenaq
Big data of tree species distributions: how big and how good? 2017 Serra-Diaz et al. Forest Ecosystems rgbif
Work Engagement among Rescue Workers: Psychometric Properties of the Portuguese UWES 2018 Sinval et al. Frontiers in Psychology skimr
Most species are not limited by an Amazonian river postulated to be a border between endemism areas 2018 Santorelli et al. Scientific Reports rotl
Seed-dispersal interactions in fragmented landscapes - a metanetwork approach 2018 Emer et al. Ecology Letters taxize
Patterns of microsatellite distribution reflect the evolution of biological complexity 2018 Surabhi et al. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory taxize
Transcriptome profiling of lentil (Lens culinaris) through the first 24 hours of Ascochyta lentis infection reveals key defence response genes 2018 Khorramdelazad et al. BMC Genomics taxize
The differential impact of scientific quality, bibliometric factors, and social media activity on the influence of systematic reviews and meta-analyses about psoriasis 2018 Ruano et al. PLOS ONE rAltmetric
A transcript-wide association study in physical activity intervention implicates molecular pathways in chronic disease 2018 Claypool & Patel Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory rentrez
Modelling air pollution, climate and health data using Bayesian Networks: a case study of the English regions 2018 Vitolo et al. Earth and Space Science rdefra
Scraping Financial Data from the Web Using R Language 2018 Krotov & Tennyson Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting pdftools
SecretSanta: flexible pipelines for functional secretome prediction 2018 Gogleva et al. Bioinformatics biomartr
miRToolsGallery: a tag-based and rankable microRNA bioinformatics resources database portal 2018 Chen et al. Database rentrez
Link prediction for interdisciplinary collaboration via co-authorship network 2018 Cho & Yu arXiv rcrossref
Do traditional scientometric indicators predict social media activity on scientific knowledge? An analysis of the ecological literature 2018 Nabout et al. Scientometrics rAltmetric
Intraspecific and interspecific adaptive latitudinal cline in Brassicaceae seed oil traits 2018 Sanyal et al. American Journal of Botany rgbif
BioDataome: a collection of uniformly preprocessed and automatically annotated datasets for data-driven biology 2018 Lakiotaki et al. Database rentrez
New formula and conversion factor to compute tree species basic wood density from a global wood technology database 2018 Vieilledent et al. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory taxize
Taxa: An R package implementing data standards and methods for taxonomic data 2018 Foster et al. F1000Research taxa, taxize
A meta-analysis of birth-origin effects on reproduction in diverse captive environments 2018 Farquharson et al. Nature Communications rotl
Filter-dispersal assembly of lowland Neotropical rainforests across the Andes 2018 Bemmels et al. Ecography rgbif, brranching
Systematic Functional Annotation of Somatic Mutations in Cancer 2018 Ng et al. Cancer Cell biomartr
GlobTherm, a global database on thermal tolerances for aquatic and terrestrial organisms 2018 Bennett et al. Scientific Data taxize
Nomenclature instability in species culturomic assessments: Why synonyms matter 2018 Correia et al. Ecological Indicators taxize
GeneXX: An online tool for the exploration of transcript changes in skeletal muscle associated with exercise 2018 Reibe et al. Physiological Genomics rentrez
Brazil-Portugal Transcultural Adaptation of the UWES-9: Internal Consistency, Dimensionality, and Measurement Invariance 2018 Sinval et al. Frontiers in Psychology skimr
Development of quantitative screen for 1550 chemicals with GC-MS 2018 Bergmann et al. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry webchem
ijtiff: An R package providing TIFF I/O for ImageJ users 2018 Nolan & Padilla-Parra Journal of Open Source Software ijtiff
MicroRNA&ndash,mRNA expression profiles associated with medulloblastoma subgroup 4 2018 Gershanov et al. Cancer Management and Research iheatmapr
Zenodo in the Spotlight of Traditional and New Metrics 2017 Peters et al. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics oai
visdat: Visualising Whole Data Frames 2017 Tierney The Journal of Open Source Software visdat
Fast, Consistent Tokenization of Natural Language Text 2018 Mullen et al. Journal of Open Source Software tokenizers, textreuse
Niche conservatism and the invasive potential of the wild boar 2017 Sales et al. Journal of Animal Ecology spocc
Multivariate skeletal analyses support a taxonomic distinction between New Zealand and Australian Eudyptula penguins (Sphenisciformes: Spheniscidae 2017 Grosser et al. Emu - Austral Ornithology rnoaa
Arthropod and oligochaete assemblages from grasslands of the southern Kenai Peninsula, Alaska 2017 Bowser et al. Biodiversity Data Journal bold
Disparities in second-generation DNA metabarcoding results exposed with accessible and repeatable workflows 2018 Divoll et al. Molecular Ecology Resources bold
Illuminating prey selection in an insectivorous bat community exposed to artificial light at night 2017 Cravens et al. Journal of Applied Ecology bold
Missing the point: are journals using the ideal number of decimal places? 2018 Barnett F1000Research rentrez
Natural history bycatch: a pipeline for identifying metagenomic sequences in RADseq data 2018 Holmes & Davis Rabosky PeerJ taxize
Quantitative Falsification for Qualitative Findings 2018 Pajo Social Science Computer Review tokenizers
Genomic and transcriptomic alterations in Leishmania donovani lines experimentally resistant to antileishmanial drugs 2018 Rastrojo et al. International Journal for Parasitology plotly
Down-sizing of dung beetle assemblages over the last 53 000 years is consistent with a dominant effect of megafauna losses 2018 Schweiger & Svenning Oikos rgbif
Miniaturisation of biologgers is not alleviating the 5% rule 2018 Portugal & White Methods in Ecology and Evolution rotl
Comparative transcriptomics and genomic patterns of discordance in Capsiceae (Solanaceae 2018 Spalink et al. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution rentrez
Seasonal dynamics of typhoid and paratyphoid fever 2018 Saad et al. Scientific Reports rgbif
miRCancerdb: a database for correlation analysis between microRNA and gene expression in cancer 2018 Ahmed et al. BMC Research Notes cRegulome
Data sharing in PLOS ONE: An analysis of Data Availability Statements 2018 Federer et al. PLOS ONE rplos
Effects of nettle slurry (Urtica dioica L 2018 Garmendia et al. PeerJ writexl
Drivers and rates of stock assessments in the United States 2018 Neubauer et al. PLOS ONE rfishbase
A snapshot of translational research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH): A case study using behavioral and social science research awards and Clinical and Translational Science Awards funded publications 2018 Han et al. PLOS ONE rentrez
Fish reproductive-energy output increases disproportionately with body size 2018 Barneche et al. Science rotl
Wearable camera-derived microenvironments in relation to personal exposure to PM 2.5 2018 Salmon et al. Environment International rtimicropem
Suppdata: Downloading Supplementary Data from Published Manuscripts 2018 Pearse et al. Journal of Open Source Software suppdata
autoplotly: An R package for automatic generation of interactive visualizations for statistical results 2018 Tang Journal of Open Source Software plotly
Refining area of occupancy to address the modifiable areal unit problem in ecology and conservation. Conservation Biology 2018 Moat et al. Conservation Biology rredlist
One thousand DNA barcodes of piranhas and pacus reveal geographic structure and unrecognised diversity in the Amazon 2018 Machado et al. Scientific Reports rentrez
Genomic and transcriptomic alterations in Leishmania donovani lines experimentally resistant to antileishmanial drugs 2018 Rastrojo et al. International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance plotly
Genomic atlas of the human plasma proteome 2018 Sun et al. Nature rentrez, plotly
snpEnrichR: analyzing co-localization of SNPs and their proxies in genomic regions 2018 Nousiainen et al. Bioinformatics RSelenium
Machine learning techniques for the automation of literature reviews and systematic reviews in EFSA 2018 Jaspers et al. EFSA Supporting Publications aRxiv, rbhl, rcrossref, rdatacite, rplos
Linking Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs to Cancer Related Pathways 2018 Hsu Scholar Archive plotly
Characteristics of the bacterial microbiome in association with common intestinal parasites in irritable bowel syndrome 2018 Krogsgaard et al. Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology plotly
Global drivers of reef fish growth 2018 Morais & Bellwood Fish and Fisheries rotl
A stromal cell population that inhibits adipogenesis in mammalian fat depots 2018 Schwalie et al. Nature biomartr
Nature’s untold stories: an overview on the availability and type of on-line data on long-term biodiversity monitoring 2018 Ondei et al. Biodiversity and Conservation taxize
2018 Sanford et al. Sexual Medicine plotly
Instances of erroneous DNA barcoding of metazoan invertebrates: Are universal cox1 gene primers too “universal”? 2018 Mioduchowska et al. PLOS ONE rentrez
Text Analytics Techniques in the Digital World: a Sentiment Analysis Case Study of the Coverage of Climate Change on US News Networks 2018 Casey Irish Communication Review tokenizers
Specalyzer—an interactive online tool to analyze spectral reflectance measurements 2018 Koc et al. PeerJ plotly
WHAM!: a web-based visualization suite for user-defined analysis of metagenomic shotgun sequencing data 2018 Devlin et al. BMC Genomics plotly
Distributional Patterns and Ecological Determinants of Bat Occurrence Inside Caves: A Broad Scale Meta-Analysis 2018 De Oliveira et al. Diversity rgbif
Abstract 4643: Drug-Target Explorer: An interactive tool for examining chemical-biological interactions 2018 Allaway et al. Cancer Chemistry webchem
Restoration Provides Hope for Faunal Recovery: Changes in Primate Abundance Over 45 Years in Kibale National Park, Uganda 2018 Chapman et al. Tropical Conservation Science rnaturalearth
Optimizing community trees using the open tree of life increases the reliability of phylogenetic diversity and dispersion indices 2018 Gastauer et al. Ecological Informatics rotl, brranching
Research on Research: A Meta-Scientific Study of Problems and Solutions in Psychological Science 2018 Nuijten Center for Open Science rplos
Distribution and ecological segregation on regional and microgeographic scales of the diploid Centaurea aspera L., the tetraploid C. seridis L., and their triploid hybrids (Compositae 2018 Garmendia et al. PeerJ writexl
The altmetric performance of publications authored by Brazilian researchers: analysis of CNPq productivity scholarship holders 2018 Araujo & Alves arXiv rAltmetric
Characterization of the accessible genome in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum 2018 Ruiz et al. Nucleic Acids Research iheatmapr
Allometric and trait-based patterns in parasite stoichiometry 2018 Paseka & Grunberg Oikos rotl
DataPackageR: Reproducible data preprocessing, standardization and sharing using R/Bioconductor for collaborative data analysis 2018 Finak et al. Gates Open Research DataPackageR
Vulnerability to snakebite envenoming: a global mapping of hotspots 2018 Longbottom et al. The Lancet spocc
Complex analyses of short inverted repeats in all sequenced chloroplast DNAs 2018 Brázda et al. BioMed Research International plotly
Epidemiological significance of dengue virus genetic variation in mosquito infection dynamics 2018 Fontaine et al. PLOS Pathogens plotly
Spatially explicit action research for coastal fisheries management 2018 Lawrence & Bhalla PLOS ONE plotly
Diverse lignocellulosic feedstocks can achieve high field-scale ethanol yields while providing flexibility for the biorefinery and landscape-level environmental benefits 2018 Zhang et al. GCB Bioenergy plotly
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